Limitations of LED Signage

Since most LED sign application require the use of the LEDs as a back lighting source this form of signage is not the most effective for window signs.  During the day time the sun will washout any type of printed surface and with the LEDs only being used for back lighting there won't be enough lumens to penetrate through the washout effectively.

Benefits of LED Signage

Durable, long lasting, bright, functionality are some of the benefits you will find with choosing LED signage.  

LEDs are are definitely more durable than other light sources for signage, which provides the ability to ship with parcel carriers if needed.

Life expectancy of an LED sign ranges from 40k to 50k hours all pending upon the environment that it is in.  If the operating temperature around the sign is high it will have an effect on the longevity.

Lumen output of an LED sign can be comparable to that of a Neon sign pending upon the design and construction. 

Functionality of an LED sign includes many different aspects of having the ability to use a vast different types of substrates, programming with animations, and the ability to externally dim at a retailers establishment make this a very versatile product.

Possibilities & Capabilities
‚Äčof LED

Due to the power being ran at low voltages, this opens up the door to the possible substrates we can use to design and manufacture LED signage.  We use everything from Reclaimed and Sustainable Lumber, Metal, Plastics, Urethane, and more to come up with a unique sign that will represent our customers branding identity. 

Another benefit of LEDs is that you can do animation very easily.  It is nothing more than setting up a program with an Integrated Circuit Controller. 

What are LEDs?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.  This is a light source that is very bright and energy efficient.  LED signs are driven at very low voltages, which provide an added value of lower energy cost compared to other illuminated signage options. 

For signage applications LEDs are typically used as a back-lighting or a flood lighting source due to the intensity of the LED when looking at them directly. 

LED SIGNAGE- Combining Electricity & Art to Bring Logos to Life!