As an American "small business," we share many of the values of our core client base.  We're part of a global economy yet work with a "local" mindset.  We strive for a vendor supply chain that is also local/regional.  

Antigo Neon practices "lean manufacturing" principles.  We appreciate "smart" ideas. Our employees continually innovate efficiency improvements.  As a result, 90% of our products are sourced/manufactured in the U.S.


Antigo Sign & Display is located in beautiful Antigo, WI, a small town in the central northern part of the state.  Antigo is regarded as an outdoor wonderland with abundant opportunities for fishing, hiking, boating, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and hunting. 

Our Midwest location makes us a ideal shipping point to reach a broad geography of destinations for our clients.  



With roots stretching back to the "neon renaissance" of the 1980's and '90s, Antigo Neon has a long history.  At one time, Antigo, Wisconsin was recognized as a destination for anyone interested in the craft of neon.  One of the USA's largest technical schools for neon techniques was located right in our town.  By the turn of the millennium, production runs for large POS clients were typically measured in thousands.   Manufacturing operations expanded accordingly via investment from corporate entities owning Antigo Neon at the time.  The evolution to a global economy and rapid evolution of LED lighting technology brought many changes to Antigo.  The company changed hands more than once.  

Redefined in 2014 when key employees purchased the assets, Antigo Neon Sign & Display is now keenly focused as an "American Heartland," employee-owned and operated business serving POS sign Customers.