Our purpose is to help our clients get their brands noticed.  We do that by providing the best POS products and support services possible.  Without successful customers, we would not be successful ourselves. Our employees would have less opportunities as individuals.  Decisions at Antigo Neon are grounded in the belief that if they aren't good for both our customers and our employees, they are not worth doing as a company. 

A short video story about who we are and where we're from.



The Antigo Neon team has over 25 years of experience at designing, engineering and producing quality Point of Sale items. Our served industries include: Craft Brewing, National Breweries, Distilleries, Consumer Products, Outdoor & Sporting Goods and Small Business Signage

Antigo Neon has worked for some of the most prominent brands in the USA.  We provide innovative solutions via a diverse portfolio of products including; Neon Signs, LED Signs, Displays, Product Glorifiers, Non Illuminated Signage, Tackers, and Chalkboards

We pride ourselves at manufacturing the majority of our products in our factories in the USA!